Thursday, February 18, 2010

Another Zardari About Turn

Zardari government has again buckled under the pressure to withdraw the name of the judges. This is another about turn and was brought about by the wise Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani who clearly saw no advantage in continuing down the path of confrontation with the country’s judiciary. The incompetence of the Zardari government is pretty clear so is its poor judgment. Zardari clearly needs to learn the art of picking his battles more wisely. The people running the current government are not only corrupt but foolish as well and they are being opposed politically by another buffoon in the shape of Nawaz Sharrif. The PML-N league’s record is not great when it comes to Judiciary. The last time I checked the party to physically attack the Supreme Court was none other than PML-N. I always say to those who think that PML-N’s has changed its colors – wait till they run the government. The Media and the judiciary will both be hounded. Pakistan’s political parties have matured somewhat but they still have a way to go.

I hope that given its ascent in public opinion the judiciary would stick to its job in hand and work within the framework of its jurisdiction and not encroach into executive branch’s territory. We have a system which is working. The people running it are not by any stretch of imagination the brightest of Pakistan but it is still better than any benevolent dictatorship. One can only hope for its continued success.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Newly released World Trade Center 9/11 Photos

It was a day which will live in infamy forever. A day that brought terror to the American homeland and shattered the myth of American invulnerability. The attack came not from a foreign army but a bunch of religious terrorists who at one time were America's allies in its fight against the communist Soviet Union. It was a classic case of boomerang.

September 11 changed our lives. It's impact on Pakistan was huge and the repercussions are being felt even today. History was made and I fear that historians will remember this day when the world took a turn for the worst.

These recently released classified photos show the magnitude of the attack. The pictures were taken from a police helicopter near the burning twin towers.