Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It is said that never to trust a person who prays in public and to this I may add - Never trust a person who wears religion on his sleeve or on his face. Post 9/11 and the resulting religious fervor and the Taliban onslaught has increased the bearded ones in the land of pure manifold. I wonder how much all of that hirsute make over by the male gender has affected the revenues of the manufacturers of the Shaving products.  But that is a separate issue but worth thinking about for those in the related industries. 

On a personal level, I recently came across a gentleman who was seemingly very cultured and educated. I tried not to stereotype him even with a full flowing beard. Yet, despite all his pious appearance he could not help himself being 'tempted' by me. I think the very act of me indulging in a cultured/political conversation with him somehow lead him to believe that I may be open to his flirtation. Men with religious, dogmatic political/social views of the Jamaati type tend to believe that women who are intelligent and can argue with a man by looking him in the eye are somehow whores or at best 'lose character.' What disgusted me was the sheer hypocrisy of it all. He was trying to conceal it with the garb of religion. I do not mind if men try to flirt with me but this coming from a man who believes that women should be limited to the confines of her house and should literally take the word of her husband as the very words of the Caliph himself just pissed me off. I gave it to him and he was simply stunned if not ashamed. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Munawwar Hassan of JI declares Baitullah Mehsud a ‘Shaeed'

Few days back Jamat e Islami ameer Munawwar Hassan of JI declared Baitullah Mehsud a ‘Shaeed’ on a live TV show.The worst enemy of Pakistan, an infidel of humanity who killed hundreds of innocent Pakistanis, waged a war against the state of Pakistan and is most probably responsible for the assassination of its former Prime minister is a Shaheed for JI. The few liberal elements in the media such as yourself need to pick this up in the media and take on the hate preachers - JI. If this is not an act of treason than i don't know what is.

Friday, August 14, 2009

14th August

Things have changed since i last made a detailed entry on this blog. They have changed for the better both on a personal as well as on the national level. There will be upheavals, such is life but as long as major tragedies are avoided, once can claim to have lived a decent life.

So another 14th August is up on us. Despite everything, including the never ending load shedding routine and big and small political scandals - things have gotten better over the past year. The democracy experiment in Pakistan continues despite its many flaws but it is the only system that this country needs and the only one that can work in the long run.

To all those naysayers and the predictors of gloom one must point them to the successes of the Military in Swat and Malakand. Just three months back the Taliban were on the verge of entering Islamabad or at least had a substantial hold in the Frontier province. The success of the military has been remarkable. Just compare it to the efforts of much more technological advanced Armies in the neighbouring Afghanistan. Yet, we have hardly heard any words of praise or jubilation from our so called intelligentsia.

Today Pakistan has a feisty press which is a constant thorn in the side of corrupt politicians and imbecile government officials. The Judiciary is free and is playing an active role as a pillar of the state. Both these institutions have gained strength over the course of the year and they keep the executive and legislative branch on their toes. Clearly progress has been made. We just need to stick to our guns and let this system work. We have the capability, we just need belief in ourselves.

Azadi Mubarik

To everyone everywhere. Cherish it with all that you have.