Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hamid Mir - Embedded with the Taliban

Ok - so the fat boy Hamid Mir was caught talking with the Punjabi Taliban. The tape was put on the internet for the world to hear. The voice was clearly of Hamid Mir whose views about the glorious Jihadists were perfectly clear for everyone to hear. His hatred filled speech about Ahmaids was a signal to the Taliban and what later transpired in the form of the brutal massacre of the Ahmadi community at their two mosques in Lahore is a stark reminder of how much of this hateful ideology has penetrated the Pakistani society. The outrageous thing is that no body has come forward to link Hamid Mir's taped conversation with Taliban to the attacks on Ahmadis. The feisty media of Pakistan has been all too quiet, trying to protect one of their own. You can even find people defending the journalistic 'duty' of Hamid Mir in the cyber space but in reality what you hear on the tape is a man of profound prejudices spewing hatred and colluding with anti-state elements by giving out what can classified as "State secrets" by letting the other side know about the impending time of the Pak Army's operation in North Wazirstan.

I can only hope that this man be held responsible but clearly he has powerful forces backing him. These are the forces that need to be neutralized if Pakistan is to emerge out of this hell storm. The root of terror does not lie either in Afghanistan or FATA, but rather in the minds of the Pakistani establishment which is the God father of these Jihaidists from the Taliban to LeT. Pakistan has today become the super Market for terror groups. Until and unless this cancer is tackled and removed nothing will come of this war on Terror. Duplicity when it comes to dealing with these terrorists - picking and choosing the good and bad guys will not do.