Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Israeli assault

So here we go again as Israel bombs the hell out of a giant prison masquerading as a city called Gaza. No country in the world, not even the mighty USA can get away with the kind of outrageous oppression and state terrorism that Israel inflicts on the Arab cities and population areas. Where else do you see Jet fighters bombing and razing city blocs from Beirut to Gaza. All of this is possible because of the unstinting support of the Americans and to a lesser degree from the Europeans.

I tend to hold sympathetic views for the Jews in particularly especially taking into account their massacre for centuries by the Christan west. But this is sort of behavior makes me mad. Now imagine, how would people living in Gaza would be feeling and than it is asked, 'why do they hate us'. They hate them and their supporters because of their double standards and hypocrisy. The western media is full of justification for this kind of barbaric act. In the end, what really counts is the might.

I believe that there can be no peace in that region unless either the Americans become balanced in their approach to this conflict or Israel is weakened. This is asymmetrical ware fare. You have a first world country literally imported from the western hemisphere and imposed upon the hapless Arabs who are nothing but a third rate nation. The balance of power between the Israelis and the Arabs needs to brought at par and only than would the Israelis have any kind of an incentive to seek some kind of a real peace. In the meantime they will pick and choose their targets at will and the Palestinians will continue to be their victims. Read Tariq ali's analysis of the situation.

Palestine is a horrible example for other nations. An example of what weakness can lead to: sheer humiliation and destruction.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Political ramblings

Thing are brewing up politically and it seems like the battle for Punjab will begin in earnest in January between PML(N) and the PPP. It could be the good old 90s all over again. I hope that both sides will show better judgment here. The Punjab governor, Salman Taseer has made it a point to pick fights with the Sharif brothers. The governer has a personal score to settle with the Sharifs and ever since he became governor he has kept the PML (N) government on the back foot in Punjab. It is also not lost on the Sharifs that Taseer was close to Musharraf as well.

People in our party are pretty happy over the impending conflict between the two largest political parties in the countries. It suits them well. This is politics and no matter how dirty or mismanaged it gets, the system still needs to be allowed to work. It will take time and it will make people frustrated and angry but we have no choice. Unlike Arabs, we are a highly politicised society and as the previous experiment with the benevolent dictator shows even the person with the best intentions is only likely to exacerbate things. I would prefer Musharraf any day over a Zardri or a Shariff but in the end its not about individuals, but rather about a system. I hope this Zardari character will show the political maturity and sincerity that we badly need. I know how suspiciously people feel about Zardari but still one has to hope for the best.

By the way, some of you guys have been commenting on my boldness. I am shy in person but this blog is where i can be myself. Sometimes it it not easy to talk, I have never been the one to talk openly about things. But honestly writing over here and getting a feedback about it has been very good and healthy.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


I have had a pretty good weekend. I am tempted to share a secret here but not sure if i want to confess it publicly or not. I will get back to that later on. For now let me just say that there was satisfaction and bliss in the air yesterday. Also, I attended a few weddings. This is the height of the 'wedding season' and there is nothing like dressing up for the occasion. I am very much into ostentation, this is a weakness of mine and i love the attention that i get. I don't see anything wrong with it. What is the harm if i dress up nicely and go to a social gathering and get tons of looks from men, who have nothing but desire and lust in their eyes. It is just GREAT!

As for sharing more 'sensitive' stuff about my life. Well, I am still thinking over it.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


I have more misery to share. Somehow even after all these years of being married and away from the home i was born in, i keep going back there to seek some kind of an emotional refuge yet always seem to get punished for my naivety. I visited my parents for another regular visit. I don't know where to start, i am by nature a person who is escapist, who likes to escape from the cruel realities of life. Perhaps, this a product of my childhood scarred by quarreling parents who later on ended up hating each other. Yet despite all their hatred, never had the guts (especially my dad) to call it quits. So the torture continues all these years. I cannot escape it even if i want to. They say that one needs to be selfish and look to one's own life instead of fretting over the nasty habits of one's parents. You really don't have a choice in choosing them and the past always lives with you. Yet, in our society parents are the be all and the end all, rightly or wrongly. Even if they have scarred you for life. I think that makes weaker than noble.

To sum it all up mom and dad had a fight, 'larayi' while i was there. My dad can get abusive and my mom couldn't take the abuse and there was no stopping her. I learnt so many things/secrets about my dad from my mother while she shouted at my dad. Stories of a very devious past, i guess a past of a womanizing man. Someone who was not very honest. Someone who was corrupt. To say the least, the whole thing was just harrowing. I feel scarred and damaged after all these years all over again. I blame myself at times. I blame myself for not being able to shoulder and support my mother. I feel guilty and it is crushing and miserable.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Awesome photos

I love beautiful photos and some of the photos here are just absolutely stunning. I thought i should share this with everyone here. The photo on the right was taken from an airplane over Moscow.



Monday, December 22, 2008


I have been sort of under the weather with Flu and a soar throat. I watched a couple of interesting movies over the weekend including Traitor and Mamma Mia. The latter was pure entertainment, it was a musical with the ever so green and sexy Pearce Boson in the lead.

Traitor was good thriller based on current events. Don Cheadle was great. Traitor did a very good job of stepping on the audience's toes with some lines that could have been considered prejudiced, and then catching themselves with actual truths about the war in the Middle East, in addition to religions themselves. This obviously takes place in the dialog of the characters, particularly those of Cheadle and Guy Pearce. The film's dialog is well written,

On another note i have been very encouraged to write almost daily because of the feedback that i have been getting on the blog. Its great and motivating. Thanks to everyone!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Not going

There is supposed to be a social event/party planned and i just don't feel like going. I know its important to go there and my husband would be insisting that i be there with him for all the political mileage that can be attained by going to such events. I just don't feel like it, i never feel comfortable with too many people around.

I have never told this to anyone but at times i feel this social anxiety, the need to be away from people. They just overwhelm me. I have a excuse ready and i am going to use it.I don't have to feel miserable doing what i don't want to, simple as that!  So i am making the right decision and i will standby it!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


The work has been hectic. Obviously, because of the public and political nature of my work i cannot discuss the nitty gritty of it. When i joined this post at the behest of my husband i was very skeptical of it, but the last few months have not been that bad and i have actually enjoyed doing the work. One of the reasons is that i have been allowed to be my boss and i have not been dictated from above or at least not a lot. I have used our political contacts to work with the local and international NGOs and that has been very rewarding. Secondly, most of the people i am working with are young and energetic, including lots of younger women. They have fresh ideas, despite the fact that the top hierarchy of this party is still very much feudal in its outlook and mindset. Things are changing and they will change but it will take sometime.

I am an administrator at the local level. I am also responsible for the dealings with the media. They can be a pain in the butt but frankly our party has not been in the limelight mainly because we lost a lot of ground during the last election.

Personally, my politics is different in ideology from my current associations but something is better than nothing or for being a house wife - which i do enjoy. I am lazy by nature but restless as well. These two opposites of my personality are always clashing with each other and make me take instinctive and sudden decisions. I would like to brand myself as a someone with a analytical mind but the truth is that i very much succumb to my sudden urges. As you can see i also love to criticize myself as well. More on that later.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Shoes

Guest Post by Mustafa

Two days ago, a new Arab folk hero was born.  A 29 year ols Iraqi TV reporter named  Muntander al-Zaidi, during a press conference, threw his shoes at George W. Bush and called the President a "dog."   "This is your farewell kiss, you dog!" he shouted in Arabic. "This is from the widows, the orphans and those who were killed in Iraq."
That act of defiance earned nearly universal praise from all parts of the Middle East except Israel !!    His act was but a reflection of the hate and contempt that nearly all Iraqis (except Kurds) feel for Bush.
While I myself had a good laugh yesterday when I heard about it, and felt absolutely no sympathy for the man who has brought so much loss and devastation to a country that bore USA no harm; today I had an epiphany.  How many necks would have rolled, literally, if someone had attempted this under Saddam Hussein. 
Clearly, Iraq is today a freer country.
By the way, I am impressed with how Bush reacted to the whole incident.  He showed no sign of being flustered or distressed.  He reacted with his usual sense of good humor calling the missile a "size ten shoe".

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

PAF quotes and the Indian air Incursion

Regarding the recent air incursion by the Indian Air force in the Pakistani air space. I read an excellent analysis by Abdullah Saad at:

The following quotes taken from international media sources about Pakistani fighter pilots and PAF.

"This airforce(the PAF), is second to none"

"The air war lasted two weeks and the Pakistanis scored a
three-to-one kill ratio, knocking out 102 Russian-made Indian jets
and losing thirty-four airplanes of their own. I'm certain about the
figures because I went out several times a day in a chopper and
counted the wrecks below." "They were really good, aggressive
dogfighters and proficient in gunnery and air combat tactics. I was
damned impressed. Those guys just lived and breathed flying. "

(General (Retd.) Chuck Yeager (USAF) , Book: Yeager, the
General Chuck Yeager, famous USAF test pilot, on deputation in
Pakistan as US Defense Representative. The PAF remains the only
foreign air force in the world to have received Chuck Yeager's
admiration - a
recommendation which the PAF is proud of.

"He was a formidable fellow and I was glad that he was Pakistani and
not Egyptian"
(Israel Air Force chief and ex-President Ezer Weizmen writing about
PAF chief Nur Khan in his autobiography, On Eagles' Wings).

"As an air defence analyst, I am fully aware that the Pakistan Air
Force ranks today as one of the best air forces in the world and that
the PAF Combat Commanders' School (CCS) in Sargodha has been ranked
as the best GCI/pilot and fighter tactics and weapons school in the
world". As one senior US defence analyst commented to me in 1991, "it
leaves Topgun (the US Naval Air Station in Miramar, California) far
-Sergey Vekhov
May 1993 issue (pages 46-47) of Airforces Monthly, a reputable
UK-based air defence magazine.

The PAF, although outnumbered by IAF(Indian Air Force), has at least
one qualitative edge over its rival: Pilot Training. The caliber of
Pakistani instructors is acknowledged by numerous air forces, and US
Navy pilots considered them to be highly 'professional' during
exercises flying off the USS Constellation (as co-pilots).

-Jane's International Defense (June 24, 1998)

"By all accounts the courage displayed by the Pakistan Air Force
pilots is reminiscent of the bravery of the few young and dedicated
pilots who saved this country from Nazi invaders in the critical
Battle of Britain during the last war."

Patrick Seale,
The Observer, London,
September 12, 1965.

"Pakistan claims to have destroyed something like 1/3rd the Indian
Air Force, and foreign observers, who are in a position to know say
that Pakistani pilots have claimed even higher kills than this; but
the Pakistani Air Force are being scrupulously honest in evaluating
these claims. They are crediting Pakistan Air Force only those
killings that can be checked from other sources."

Roy Meloni,
American Broadcasting Corporation
September 15, 1965.

The London Daily Mirror reported: "There is a smell of death in the
burning Pakistan sun. For it was here that India's attacking forces
came to a dead stop.

"During the night they threw in every reinforcement they could find.
But wave after wave of attacks were repulsed by the Pakistanis"

"India", said the London Daily Times, "is being soundly beaten by a
nation which is outnumbered by four and a half to one in population
and three to one in size of armed forces."

In Times reporter Louis Karrar wrote: "Who can defeat a nation which
knows how to play hide and seek with death"

Monday, December 15, 2008

Humpty Dumpty

I had a good weekend. I was able to sleep well during the nights. The little secret to is that husband was in good mood and i pleased him in bed in every way possible and in return he SATISFIED me. Let me tell you there is nothing like getting your thirst quenched. I don't know how much descriptive i should be here - since this is a view for all blog but the humpty dumpty stuff was pretty good.

He had told me that i was looking very good over the Eid. I didn't really had to know that from him since looks exchanged with men had told me that much already. I know i have good looks and a rather voluptuous figure which tends to get men's attention. I was never very comfortable or confident about my looks and outlook but since the last year or so i have become more confident and comfortable. I credit that to my own thinking which made me literally lust for myself - i don't know if i am making any sense here. In my mind i went beyond the so called norms and started to accept my urges as being natural. What's so wrong about the fact that i get turned on when men look at me or i can almost sense their sexual desire for me. Also, what is so wrong about it that i am desiring and wanting a physical relationship with another man? Taking into account that hubby dear has been less than faithful to me over the years.

There is a bunch of stuff that is going on with me but I try to be careful in whatever that i am seeking. Don't worry i will confess it over here.

Guest post - India should carefully, very carefully, weigh its options

This is a guest blog entry by Mustafa - a good friend, who wanted to voice his opinion regarding the current political situation between India and Pakistan. I may not agree with some of what he has to say, but than there is nothing is like diversity in opinion.


India should carefully, very carefully, weigh its options 

Much has been said by many of the Mumbai horror being India's 9/11. 

No less a figure than US Senator John McCain has counseled Pakistan that if it did not do all that it should to comprehend the "Bad Guys" he had personal information that India would launch air strikes on "terrorist camps" in Pakistan and that Washington would abstain from interfering as Mumbai was India's 9/11. 

However, what happened in NY seven years ago cannot be equated and should not be equated with the horrible tragedy last month in Mumbai.  The context is different, the times are different and they demand a different response from New Delhi.  The Indian leadership would be well advised to reach at a set of decisions independent of the baggage of 9/11. 

The Mumbai carnage was not an isolated incident.  There have been a series of horrific incidents unleashed on India including Guwahati, Bangalore, and Malegaon.  The question that one needs to ask is why?  Something has gone very badly wrong in India 

One should never justify or condone the use of terror to achieve political objectives such as Mumbai being used in response to Indian atrocities in Kashmir.  However one needs to understand the context so as to effectively address the issue. 

Yes, Pakistan has its Hafiz Saeed.  He supports the use of suicide bombings, considers Shias non-Muslims, thinks democracy to be flawed and non-Islamic, would prefer to see all Jews eradicated from this planet and is all for jihad being waged to have his Salafist version of Islam imposed upon the world. 

However, India also its share of hate mongers.  Babu Bajrangi of Ahmedabad.  He played a key role in the 2002 Gujarat massacre of muslims and who on TV expressed his  to kill 50,000 Muslims.    Then India has his mentor, Narendra Modi.   

It is true that all these years, Hafiz Saeed has been allowed to live unencumbered by the Pakistani Government while he has spewed hatred.   

India does not have clean hands either.  Babu Bajrangi, is out on bail very much doing what he pleases in Gujarat.   The butcher of Gujarat, Narendra Modi, is still the chief minister of Gujarat. What does India have to say in her defense that the man who presided over the Gujarat genocide has been re-elected twice. 

Yes, Hafiz Saeed's organization has branches and volunteers throughout Pakistan.  The Hindu Supremacy organization, the RSS too has 48,000 branches and 9 million volunteers throughout India.   Members include former prime minister AB Vajpayee, and current leader of the opposition LK Advani.  India is in no position to take the High Road.   

Partition may have happened 61 years ago, the wounds however are still raw.  The third generation on both sides still sheds tears over the massacre of more than a million people.  Kashmir is still the tinderbox that it was 60 years ago.  A never ending nightmare with no end in sight – a quicksand that has sucked in 65,000 lives.  Pakistan may have become a corrupt (in every sense of the word) state with no protection for minorities.  India too has had its share of Babu Bajrangis, bent on raping, maiming and killing Muslims until the last of this circumcised lot leaves the land of the Ganjes.  Babri Masjid was not an isolated random incident.  Gujarat is not going to be the last time that a Muslim will be massacred.   

Clearly Pakistan is as close to a failed state as one will see, a tragedy unfolding in slow motion as it slowly implodes.  A population in denial,  a civilian government unwilling and unable to keep the militants in check,  an army with a million rogue elements, fanatic mullahs – this is a very toxic soup.   

However, military action by India will further exacerbate matters.  It will lead to total chaos and India will also be dragged into the morass.  The ultimate nightmare is a destroyed Pakistan with rogue agents in control of the nuclear stockpile in India's immediate vicinity.  Is this what India wishes?   

India needs to set its own house in order.  If its 150 million Muslim citizens cease to become marginalized and begin to thrive, much of the ammunition that the likes of Hafiz Saeed has to play with will go away.  They will fail to recruit young boys and transform them into mindless killers.  These 10 young men who created so much havoc in Mumbai were remarkably efficient killing machines.  They made no demands and did not wish to negotiate. They waded ashore with one intention -- kill as many people as possible and cause as much damage as they could before they were killed themselves. They had no respect for life, not even their own.   It did not matter to them that a large number of their victims were Muslims, or that their action could ignite a severe backlash against Muslims in India.  

Yes, Pakistan needs to do all that it can in eradicating these monsters, but India needs to remove the very acts of injustice and persecution that forms the fertile breeding ground for these recruits.   

The strategy adopted by USA after 9/11 has not been successful.  It is currently engaged in two costly wars that it cannot win.  It is today despised across the world.  Its economy has been crippled.  More of its young sons and daughters have died in these last five years than on 9/11.   Its citizens have lost some of their civil liberties. 

India will suffer the same fate by engaging in military action against Pakistan.  Yes, Pakistan will get destroyed but at a price to India that will be unpalatable.  India needs half a million soldiers to police Kashmir.  How many for Pakistan's portion of Punjab and Sindh?  The Indians should do their maths.

What the two countries are experiencing is the result of six decades of unwise policies that have with each passing years made matters worse.  They are sowing what they have reaped.   

Enlightened leadership is needed on both sides.  Not war.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

What a Kiss

I read this online and couldn't help but share it with you guys. I love long and deep kisses but clearly in this case, the passion  knocked the stuffing out of the poor girl. Read on...

"The 20-something from Zhuhai in Guangdong province arrived at hospital having completely lost the hearing in her left ear, said local reports. " She and her boyfriend would indulge in long kissing sessions. But in this case the kiss reduced the pressure in the mouth, pulled the eardrum out and caused the breakdown of the ear," the doctor who treated her explained."

Now this is what i call tough Love.

Friday, December 12, 2008

LeT - The enemy within

Its good to see the government closing the offices of the hate mongering terrorist, the LeT (Lashkar -e- Tayyaba). Although, I am still not sure whether they are ones behind the attacks in Mumbai, but anybody who has read their literature would deem them to be terrorists.Their vision of the world is based on a dark vision which has nothing to do with Islam but rather on using a great religion for their own political motives.

LeT is another Jihad factory spawned by the security establishment to carry out its vested interests. Somebody has to put the lid on these people and their various 'strategic designs' and 'strategic depths'. These same people have flawed concepts which don't put Pakistan first but rather cater to an obscure Pan Islamist agenda. This agenda and their proponents with their ill-kept beards and hate spewing ideology are part of the same breed which was against the foundation of the modern state of Pakistan. This included such stalwarts of the clergy such as Allama Maudaudi - the founder of Jamaat e Islami, Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad amongst many others. They fought tooth and nail against Mohammed Ali Jinnah and the creation of Pakistan. They should have been dumped at the time of the partition in India, but instead they hijacked the newly created state and started imposing their ideology.

Now that the government is cracking down on LeT. what will prevent them from lashing back on the state? We can have more mess and suicide bombings within the heartland of Punjab and it will very well go the way the NWFP has gone. This mess needs to be sorted by making some very difficult decisions and providing a vision for the nation. A vision which is based on economic prosperity and not on ill founded security needs. But for all of this we need leadership. Zardari has to realize that Bhutto's fall from grace began with his flirtation of the Mullah. Bhutto, the so- called secular leader was the first one to give the mullahs the political space in the main stream politics. Zardari should and must undo that, otherwise the danger within will only exacerbate!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Zamindar update

I am working on next installment of the Zamindar story, though it is still in works. I have to keep certain limitations in mind in regards to the language used, as people have already commented on how 'pornish' and rather 'vulgar' my blog is beginning to look. But frankly, my intention never was to write for someone else. This blog is a mode of expression for me and it will continue to be so. I am sure there are others who enjoy the free expression with the rather flamboyant language, even if it is bordering on 'vulgarity'.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Eid Party

On the Eid day, we threw a big party at our 'big' house. Yes the word 'big' matters a lot in the kind of social and political circles that my In laws inspire to be a strong part of. There were the usual suspects at the party, with lots of 'Qurbani' meat going around to keep everybody happy. I am not going to name any particular people but as you can guess there were a few notables elites with their proud and snobbish wives/bitches. Hey, what's the different any way? I can pretend with this lot and have kind of gotten used to their materialism. I am good at playing the proverbial Roman in Rome.

The highlight of the evening for me was this bachelor guy. He was a cutie and there were a number of looks exchanged between me and him. I ended up fantasizing about him while i pleased myself this afternoon in my bed. I am very sensual and visual and he certainly got my imagination worked up. The way he looked at me - it was a very see through look. I hope to see him more at another party that my husband would be throwing up this weekend. I don't know if i would have the courage to go up to him, but if he initiates a conversation i would most certainly oblige him.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Miserable home visit

Meri maan bechaari itni badbakht kiyoun hai..
Some people are born unlucky i guess..
I only exacerbate her woes with my stupid remarks..
I feel sad..I went home for lunch and got into a minor argument with mom when she was nagging me about her application disposal and i was just getting irritated...Even after all these years and all of us getting married ,somethings just remain the same..I did not say anything nasty to her, just that i don't feel like coming home and i guess she felt very bad about that and now i feel pretty bad as well but than my years with my parents were just like that..

Honestly, i don't feel like going home at times to visit parents..I feel like running away from all that baggage and misery which has been compounded year after year on us by mom and dad..They were a complete failure with each other and somehow i still bear these childhood scars..

Honestly, i think i just need a break from them..I just feel depressed and powerless..
The way we hurt each other is astounding, yet sometimes i feel so frustrated in her presence..
I tolerate such nuisance from Husband yet when it comes to Mom i seem to have little patience..
Maybe i don't know how to take care of mom who depends on me yet I irk from the responsibility and it actually scares me..
Anyways, i feel really sad, guilty and depressed..Mom really knows how to make you feel guilty, but i guess after all these years being married to such a  selfish person as my dad can take its toll..

People you love the most end up hurting you the most. I guess that is basic truth of human relationships..

Monday, December 8, 2008

Peshawar on the brink

Peshawar is well on its way to becoming another Kabul. The reach of the Taliban is very well within Peshawar. Journalists used to go to the tribal badlands to get the news stories about Taliban. Now they can get it int he provincial capital, Peshawar. The kidnappings and killings have become a routine part of the city. ANP, the provincial government is fast losing support. Already, checkpoints resembling the green zone in Baghdad have been setup. YES, it has become this bad!

I am sorry but i refuse to believe that this is being done without some sort of a tacit support from the ISI or 'rogue' elements within it. I think it is very clear by now that the Gennie is well outside the box. The army high command is in this fight against terrorism with all its wits, yet it has not been successful because clearly the intelligence is not there. Pakistan has lost the most and is in danger of losing more unless this is contained. India has never had the guts to cross the international border, rather its the religious fanatics part of the Jihad factories created by the Military establishment with the consent of the Americans that is a existential threat to Pakistan. Clearly, the danger lies on our western border as opposed to the east front.

The solution lies in the departure of the Americans from the region which will definitely help. Secondly, one agency which can tackle this spreading cancerous is the ISI - the very agency responsible for the creation of this  Frankenstein monster.

OTHERWISE - the establishment should know that these people have the power and the capacity to cross the Indus and march onto Islamabad itself!


If i have not told mentioned it here, i am part of a political family...
It was for years ruling this part of the country, not very long ago..
Times have changed, but for the privileged few things remain the same..
I am married in a political family...After Musharraf opened the doors for woman's role in
politics by putting in place the quota system..Many well do to political families began to maintain their
monopoly in the national assembly by sending in their daughters, wives, sisters to these seats..
But not all news is bad news..I can vouch for a lot of good women MNAs in the national assembly...
They are young, immature at times but motivated to do something..
The rewards will be forthcoming in the future if not anytime soon..

I am not an elected, member - never wanted to be...
But i am a administrator at the city level for my party..
I like the work, but sometimes it gets tedious...
This is one reason that i might be ranting political stuff on this blog..

Btw, HAPPY EID to everyone reading this..Enjoy it with your family but don't over stuff
yourself with all that meat..

Sunday, December 7, 2008


December is here and it is getting cold.
The day was good..Husband was in his good moods which meant just one thing; humping and pumping between my legs..
Just goes to show how selfish men are by nature..
The sex was good if not mind blowing..I was thinking of the wild stuff while he was inside me...
These are just the random thoughts of the day..
I don't know how descriptive i have to be about my sex life or the actual encounters..
My thought process and how i express myself is evolving as this blog evolves. Feedback would obviously help.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Mumbai attacks - A view point

Below is an interesting analysis of the Mumbai attacks. I am still forming not sure about what went down there. Read and reflect us with your opinion.

5 Points That Destroy India's Latest Fairytale5 Points That Destroy India's Latest Fairytale

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

PESHAWAR, Pakistan—In 1988, Indian Navy and commandos took only 24 hours to storm Mamoon Abdul Quyum's palace in the Maldives when it was taken over by rebels and eliminated the rebels within another 24 hours.

But in Mumbai, it took India 60 hours to eliminate ten terrorists equipped only with KKs. The entire drama seems to be well scripted like Bollywood/Hollywood movies. On one side they blame ISI for planning, executing the whole episode and on the other hand they blame ISI for committing silly mistakes and leaving behind incriminating evidence to be picked up by the Indian intelligence so it could find easy links to Karachi/Pakistan.

Some other Indian lies include:
1.. Indians failed to detect movement of the alleged merchant ship from Karachi and then its off loading of passengers at high sea.
2.. These 10 daredevils traveled in rubber dinghies up to Bombay shores unnoticed. Was the Indian coastal defense system asleep?
3.. The terrorists waded through the marshes of Bombay coastline, reached the road network, hijacked police vehicles, divided themselves in three groups and then headed for their targets in the posh localities of Bombay, and EVERYTHING GOES UNNOTICED.
4.. Like precision guided missiles these terrorists reach their targets and take over heavily guarded two 5-star hotels, dodging the security system of the entire city of Bombay and the internal security system of these 5-star hotels and the Jewish center also.
5.. They fight it out with Indian commandos for 3 days and all but one is killed. The Indians claim that he is ISI sponsored. If we believe the Indian storyline, it defies logic. How can a professional spy agency like ISI commit the following mistakes:
1.. Sailing the terrorist off from Karachi. Why not Dubai, Chittagong or Eden for better deception?
2.. Credit cards of Pakistani origin in their pockets. Do the suicide bombers carry the IDs in their pockets?
3.. Their Pakistani Punjabi ascent. The first lesson given to intelligence operators is to adapt to local environments. If such an operation was planned by Pakistan and ISI, the operatives would have known that they would have to communicate/ negotiate with the hostages and others and hence would have concealed this giveaway sign.
I leave to the readers to decide if Indian lies are white or black.



I have not been able to sleep well..I am official an insomniac..The nights are restless..
It helps when the husband gives me sexual satisfaction other wise i just stay awake..
I will write as things become more clear in my mind...
I don't know if reading about my life gives you any kind of satisfaction, dear reader but i am happy to oblige you..

Will write more later..

Bob Dole  - "The internet is a great way to get on the net."