Monday, December 19, 2016

ATR and Kala Bakra

Blood on the Tarmac

There is so much wrong with this picture on so many levels. But before anyone starts accusing me of displaying ignorance and pandering to ‘western sensibilities.’ Let me as assure you that in my family, sacrificing a bakra is the go-to option whenever the family is experiencing a crisis or anticipates one. The usual form of anticipation is a member of the family – usually an elder having a bad dream. I am all for it and would not want to be questioning the practice though at times I do have my doubts.

But this is not about you or me. This is about the national airline. An airline, which in the recent past has had an atrocious record. They could have enacted this sacrifice in the background, but no like everything else in this country everything must be showed off. Having a live animal being bled on the tarmac right next to the aircraft is wrong on so many levels. Forget about western sensibilities, I for one would not want to be getting on that plane. That image would haunt me.

What would worry me the most is the mindset behind the management taking this action in front of the cameras. It is not only absurd but continues the tradition of making us look like fools.