Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I am thinking of writing something. Anything. Does it have to be provocative?
I am a normal house wife, a normal person yet i have such wild and vulgar thoughts and fantasies..
I think i would like this blog to be interactive, so for anyone reads this. I want them to suggest to me as to what should i write about.

How about some dirty desie vocabulary for a start, eh??

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Mustafa said...

You have requested that we kick off this site with some dirty desi vocabulary -- which is brilliant. I love a desi gal with a bohemian "bindaas" attitude.

To kyoon naa hum aap sey guzaarish karein key app tafseel say apni choot ko describe karein. Clean shaven or with a delectable bush? When fully aroused, how big is your clitoris? During foreplay, how do you prefer that it be stimulated? Your views on oral sex? Aap lund ko pooraa apney moon mein ley sakti hain? Do you swallow?

Lets get this conversation going babe.