Saturday, March 7, 2009

The week

This week has been pretty eventful. My personal life has been evolving
with more flirtations. I am not losing any sleep over my morals and
anyway i think that there is nothing wrong in minor flirtations. Its
not like i am sleeping around with someone. If you can seen a man
appreciating your body from the way he looks at you, than i don't see
why i should not at least make an eye contact or smile at him. I know
its risky but it exciting. Such excitement is pure joy at times - just
imagine what lies in the second step.


Abdul Sami said...

n rightly so... nothin wrong in it ... !!! as long as u r comfy with it ... :)

like i always say.. put yourself first n everythin will b fine !

Mustafa said...

Just be very very careful my dear friend.

You dont want people like Aasim stoning you to death.

Mona said...

Its good to have fun...

Mustafa said...

@ Mona

I love the way you and Luscious think. Now if all the south asian ladies were to think similarly, life would be such a breeze.

Jitender said...

There is nothing wrong in harmless flirts...its exciting until you fall into the pit...
keep up the excitement and don't go near the pit - you will be a happy soul !!!