Friday, August 14, 2009

14th August

Things have changed since i last made a detailed entry on this blog. They have changed for the better both on a personal as well as on the national level. There will be upheavals, such is life but as long as major tragedies are avoided, once can claim to have lived a decent life.

So another 14th August is up on us. Despite everything, including the never ending load shedding routine and big and small political scandals - things have gotten better over the past year. The democracy experiment in Pakistan continues despite its many flaws but it is the only system that this country needs and the only one that can work in the long run.

To all those naysayers and the predictors of gloom one must point them to the successes of the Military in Swat and Malakand. Just three months back the Taliban were on the verge of entering Islamabad or at least had a substantial hold in the Frontier province. The success of the military has been remarkable. Just compare it to the efforts of much more technological advanced Armies in the neighbouring Afghanistan. Yet, we have hardly heard any words of praise or jubilation from our so called intelligentsia.

Today Pakistan has a feisty press which is a constant thorn in the side of corrupt politicians and imbecile government officials. The Judiciary is free and is playing an active role as a pillar of the state. Both these institutions have gained strength over the course of the year and they keep the executive and legislative branch on their toes. Clearly progress has been made. We just need to stick to our guns and let this system work. We have the capability, we just need belief in ourselves.


Hp2 said...

Who care what happens to Pakistan
people come here to read a slut unleash her wild fantasies

Aasim said...

your remark about Luscious was in bad taste.
She aint a slut, she is a lady.
If desiring something was being slut then I can assure some of your near and dear ones will be even biggers sluts.
I know luscious has a loving and tender heart and she is one hell of a lady.
Good to have you back, atleast u r alive. About pakistan I agree 100%

Tango48 said...

oh well
hp2 please

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

this is an uplifting post! Happy Independence day.
I hope things are getting better at the home front? :-)

The Luscious one! said...

@Raaji - Things are better to some degree. Thanks for asking and for your earlier comments.