Thursday, January 7, 2010

Last night

I felt tired today. I was up last night and had to 'cater' to the desires of the husband who was in the mood for fun. It was made better by the fact that i was thinking of Mr. T while feeling the softness of the bedsheets with my feet. The guilty pleasure was great and its even fun writing about it and sharing it with you guys out in the cyber space. I don't know if there are taboos about writing in regards to martial sex but i don't see the harm in sharing about the fun. I know that i am not trying to be Nancy Friday here but i wonder why it is difficult for women to write about legitimate sex? My husband dear is a moody guy and when he is in the mood than we have quite a lot of fun even if its disproportionally biased towards his pleasure seeking. I enjoyed it and had a great night sleep, while i thought of the hairy chest of Mr. T. Oooh.


Help said...

i thought it was in the poor and uneducated or underprivliged couples only that female has to cater for the pleasure of the hubby without having her share.What specifically do u render as His pleasure only act?
Mr T was on u mind looks so unreal to me

Sami Mughal said...

hmmm... i think help it is not just a matter of culture/education/finance that the women have to do

personally i think all relationships swirl this way n that, includin sex...

as far as ma'am.. glad u had fun... and glad u had fun n excitement makin it guilty ;) x