Monday, November 28, 2011

NATO Stike on Pakistan Army

Islamabad is seething with anger post NATO strike in Pakistan. This is not the first time that a Pakistani Military post has been targetting by the so called allied forces across the border and it won't be the last time either. Let's just be clear about this. This was an attack on Pakistan Army by NATO. All the excuses for the 'misunderstanding' is nothing but Bullshit. Just imagine if the same action had been under taken by the Indian forces!

What the GHQ in RawalPindi and political leadership in Islamabad has to realize is that this mess is entirely of their own making. Western powers are ruthless and brutal in the pusuit of their aims, where ever in the world the action may take place. Pakistan is stuck in this horrible situation due to the distastrous policies of its leaders - read Generals and their flawed 'Strategic depth' concept which has bled the country dry.

In my own humble opinion, this was a deliberate attack on Pakistani forces. It was a warning of future action which may take place inside of Pakistani tribal areas. The readers of my blog will be aware of my progressive views but I am very clear on sovereignty. I think no matter how flawed our country might be, but we are no Iraq or Afghanistan. It must crush the terrorist in its midst and stand up to the bully which is the USA.

Pakistan has numerous options available but it has to act with caution. For now it has closed the NATO supply lines and ordered the Americans to get out of the Shamsee Airbase. But these are short term measures. It has to get rid itself of American dependence and develop genuinely good relations with India. This is the only way that this country can progress. The coming days will be tough for Pakistan as America winds down its disastrous show in Afghanistan. It will be putting its blame on Pakistan and latter will have to suffer more.


Aasim Khan said...

My congratulations to NATO on murdering 24 soldiers of an ally country which
sacrificed lives of 3000 soldiers and 35000 civilians for this useless war
of USA. Atleast the world can see the true face of the Cowboy (USA) and NATO
(pet dogs of USA). But dont consider Pakistan as Red Indians, this will be
the last mistake you ever make. I think NATO has fired the first shot of
World War III on 26 Nov 11.

Muhammad Yahya said...

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