Monday, December 28, 2009

Karachi takes a hit

The suicide blast has hit Karachi. The latest latest blast to hit the city only shows the precarious situation. The lunatics of Al-Qaeeda are targeting the Shites to bring about a clash between the sects and ensue chaos. How long will this blood bath continue while the politicians and the establishment fight over petty issues? There should be accountability of the Army's current operation in South Wazirstan. Clearly, the terrorists are running away from there and moving on to other agencies which were not part of the operation. ANP has already signalled its displeasure with the modus operandi of the current operation.

I wonder how much worse will it get before it gets any better. I actually see things getting bad in 2010. The bottom line is this: Unless and until the establishment firmly decides to change its policy in Afghanistan and India and stop supporting the Jiahdi organizations , this will continue and get even worse because when you play with fire eventually you will get burnt!

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