Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Zardari Under Fire

Judging from the media coverage of the NRO one would think that Zardari is the sole beneficiary of the evil deal. Nothing could be further from the truth but the media clearly loves to hate the man. Zardari didn't help himself either by making one bad decision after another.

When he got the Presidency, he clearly had the good will of the people, opposition and the media at large behind him but he has consistently lost that ground due to some very dubious decisions. His PR machine is pathetic to say the least but the man who is famous for buying off his enemies and friends alike is clearly struggling here. Today he is at loggerheads with Nawaz Sharrif, MQM and the Army. This decline has been brought about by arrogance, petty ego and sheer stupidity.

He made a mess of the judges restoration issue, his flip flops on promises to NS and N league are by now world famous. In all fairness, he very much deserves what is coming his way but the causality will not be Zardari who will quietly shoot off to foreign shores to live the life of comfort and luxury. The ultimate causality will be the system for which his wife paid the price with her life. The media has to hold back the horses and not gleefully look to Zardari's demise. This is a difficult transition that we are making after 9 years of military rule. It will not be easy. Zardari certainly has not made things easier but the times call for calmer heads.It will take the Pakistani nation time to calm down and adapt this new democratic system with all its inherent flaws because there is not other choice.


aasim said...

bat to sach hai mager bat hai ruswaee keee

The Luscious one! said...

He still represents a better alternative in the shape of a releatively progressive and secular PPP than the right wing leaning PML(N).

Aasim said...

You r right, but i think the sharks have locked on to the scent of blood and its making them 'go-for-the-kill'. I think a sindh based party at the top is still better than PML(N). At least the enemy will not be able to use Sindh card against Pakistan.

Aasim said...

Otherwise I think Mian Nawaz Shareef is a foolish man, Shahbaz Shareef is still a better choice as compared to him.

Aasim said...

I was laughing my ass out when I saw Mian Sahib with planted hair. Asshole dosnt realize that leaders of this stature should not make such foolish mistakes. Just like Imran Khan thought that marrying Jamaima Khan would not effect his political career, fools all of them A to Z.

Sa`ad said...

I agree with the Zardari bit and its not surprising that not a single person in isloo wanted or saw him as the president even before he became one. This might actually be the demise of PPP; which has become a dynasty and is no more a democratic-political party.
But as for "democracy and its inherent flaws", why can't we stop thinking in terms of the Sindh card or the Punjab card or whichever card. We as a nation need a strong leader with a vision. Zardari obviously does not qualify as one. Nawaz, despite his flaws, has shown his leadership skills during the long march finale.
As for Imran Khan, I don't know why people, instead of slandering about him, simply can't share his vision of a better education system, healthcare and justice to all? That is probably because we as a nation are not educated enough to start-of with.
But then that's only my opinion :)