Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mad Dog

I am very distraught with the action taken by the corrupt Mr.10%. It is is very clear that he has learn nothing from history. Some people are doomed to repeat history even if it in the end dooms them as well. Ayaz Amir has written a succinct piece about Zardari. We are again taking a step back into the failed democratic politics of the 90s. This is something which neither this country can afford at this point in time nor President Zardari with an approval rating of 17%!!

Zardari has acted with the typical mindset of a feudal landlord showing no vision of any kind by dismissing the Sharrifs. I have no affections for the PML(N) but Zardari has clearly used and manipulated the Sharrifs in a despicable manner. This is not politics, its stooping to such low levels that its a new one even in Pakistan's political history.

Our party has been approached by the wheelers and dealers of Zardari. Like me most of the other workers and leaders are warning the Chaudhrys about Zardari. I can safely predict today Zardari will not only end up sacking Prime minister Gillani within the next year but that he himself will not be able to complete his 5 year term.


Ash said...

i guess he is not looking for his long term rulership
what he is looking for that he has best chance in his hands now and its time to pay back for all those who made him to pay at their times.
no body is giving a damn about country, every body is looking to take advantage by using all his power and tricks.

nice title by the way ;)... :D

Merchant of Emotions.. "I don't sell, I barter" said...

Who thinks about country ? Lets go back to Muhammad Ali Jinnah he took East Pakistan and West Pakistan a country divided by another country ????????. Any ways..
Lets not say bad things about Zardari only, how about Maulvi Diesel, Altaf Hussain and all other men in power????.
We wont find angels we have not since creation of Pakistan, Liaqat Ali was one sincere person with us since he wanted us all to get education but he was labeled Kafir and all.
Lets educate ourselves and everyone around us. I was surprised to see that "Pakistan Khappay" or "Pakistan na Khappay" was an issue. Height of illlitracy and ignorance.

Munaeem said...

The Civilian dictator will break Pakistan with his policies.

Please add me in your blog.

Da Eternal Rebel said...

I am curious about what happened to the murder case of the Pakistani Che Guevara Murtaza Bhutto. Was the real culprit ever brought to justice? Does the punishment for murder mean handing over the President ship ?

AamirRaz said...

@the blogger
Madam, certain bitter facts linger on us -- always! Since Zardari has come to power, Pakistani media, esp. a couple of news channels, have set for propaganda against proving him a 'jaahil' and incapable of being the president of the state.. yup, I call it propaganda!

When you're watching news, watch, and hear, with a critical eyes and ears!

Ok, let's accept your point: Zardari is a bad politician(?) that the country is in hands of presently. Now, name any politician who you - let's not consider my judgment, or any other's - would call a good and 'adarshi' politician! C'mon! They're all same..

One may ask: If all are the same, why media is throwing so much against him? The answer is simple: Zardari is from a province which is considered to be among the small ones and belongs to a nation which has been titled 'jaahil', time and again, by various Pakistani 'leaders'... Somebody has said in their comment that "Liaqat Ali was one sincere person" -- huh! Was he? I mean the bitterness found between the rural and urban Sindh is because of him - on ground levels. (Was it also a part of the partition process to exchange people between the two newly created countries? Or more simply, was it legal to 'invite' people (we call'em 'Mohajirs' now)from India to settle in Pakistan nay in Sindh ONLY?)

And, yes: If you didn't know, it was the sincere Liaquat Ali Khan to first call Sindhi the language of people keeping 'donkeys' and camels (implying that the speakers of Sindhi are all 'jaahil'), ignoring the historical importance of their culture and heritage and the fact that the first to present Pakistan Resolution was also a Sindhi, Sain GM Syed.. And, yes, another surprise (shock?): Sain GM Syed was the first to ask for votes for the creation of Pakistan in the Pakistan Resolution in Sindh Assembly; but, ironically, he was the first to be held in house-arrest for complete 32 years. REASON? He resisted the dominance of Punjab in ruling the country saying that the country was created in the name of federation and that the provinces would be independent (provincial autonomy, that is)... But, Punjab would never afford any Sindhi or Baloch to rule over them...

Got the background? Hope so.

SO, the point is that I'm not eulogizing Zardari, but trying to convince you, and others reading this, that Zardari is no exception... I mean why would you call a president names who has been elected democratically (let's face it!) and praise a person who crushed the Constitution under his military boots and 'ran' the country illegally and unconstitutionally for not one or two years but for the complete 9 years?? Whoa!

It's funny to see riots in Punjab as a result of the provincial govt. being dismissed; whereas, the same Punjab remained not-so-violent when a 'fauji' dictator kicked their federal government some years back?? Something clicking? Yes, it's because the dictator had the 'danda'-power and was a non-Sindhi.. Riots have erupted in Punjab because the snobbish nation sees it as an act of blasphemy when a Sindhi president rules over them!

The argument is not yet complete! There's much to say - yet!

AamirRaz said...

No, the title was not suitable - neither for the person intended nor for the blogger!

YouTee said...

every one have same thoughts and believe friend.

The Luscious one! said...

@AMirRaza - I completely agree with you that Punjab has had too much control. But the issue is not where Zardari hails from, its his own personality.

Mustafa said...

well said luscious

AamirRaz said...

Well, all are 'rotten apples' -- the Paki politicians.. they all stink!

BTW, what about the Chauhdry brothers?

[PS. I'm Aamir Raz, plz]