Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Calling out to Everyone

I am not good at making pleas so I will spell this one out short and simple.

The mass migration of 1.5 million (and counting) people from Swat, Dir and Bajaur in Pakistan due to the ongoing war between the 'militants' and Pakistan army marks a humanitarian crisis. You can donate a dollar to a few to give hope to those who suffer at the doorstep of an ideological war on terror that has consumed many a households and continues to haunt many of us. The war might not be at your doorstep but those suffering are humans just like you and me and deserve better than sitting out under the sun with little water and food, let alone medical aid or any semblence of accomodation.


You can donate through the following link.

Thank you.

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Aasim said...

I wish those who criticise generals as a hobby should come to Noshera and see with their own eyes the services Gen farooq and his wonderful men are rendering for these people. wqhere are the bloody civil departments? Same rapists and luteras are working day and night to feed these help;ess people, This is why I always say that whereas these ppl abuse Musharraf but they lov their Army also because they know that other than Army there is not a single bloody department who can help them out in crisis