Monday, July 6, 2009

The Aftermath

The weekend was quiet. I was tired, correction - I am tired! I did not countered him after his disclosure to me. As expected his mood gradually turned from being hostile on Wednesday to being mildly cold today. He knows that he has told me the ultimate and there is nothing that i can do about it. He did try to talk to me and i could see that he was trying to mend things, but i have been reserve with him. Still have some dignity left in me, if not strength. 

Let the days go by and things cool. I don't think that he will be marrying her, whoever she is. I am pretty sure of this now. I guess i don't care if he keeps on sleeping with her. I must switch my priorities. I have always been practical if not wise. Whatever may come but having another woman in this house will be my complete defeat and that i must avoid that at all costs. The emotional upheaval was strong but i must get over it and gather my strength and be strong.


Amna said...
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Amna said...

2:40 onwards. Now that's a woman.

Rotten values to the core-- that's what's wrong with Pakistan. And to expect this from someone who vehmently writes for Pakistan's progress.

The point is not about your honour or about the life that is ahead of you. Is this the kind of life you came to this earth to live? You live only once.

Aasim said...

This is the real world, this aint utopia Amna, Life isnt as simple as u take it to be. We all wish life was as simple

Aasim said...

Ok just imagine if men would marry four women at the same time would we still call it 'rotten values to the core' as Amna puts it?

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

can you not talk to your family? I think you should and if you could, file for divorce.

I have you in my prayers!

Aasim said...

These r the moments when one needs a good friend, to put ur head on his shoulder and cry out loud, dard kam ho jata hai

Amna said...

@ Aasim--

Alright. Here we go again.

Utopia? Freedom of pursuit of happiness?

Defeatist attitude the real inhibition.

Rotteness: Political family. Double adultery (both man and woman disrespecting the institution of marriage). Not about the woman, but also about who we can address, who is writing a politically inclined blog here, speaking for the improvement of Pakistan. Ironically rebelling by "giving in" to her desire that is just a cover up for her real problems?

Four wives: Islamically legal (different context, women largely dependent on men-- Prophet married some widows).
However, Now society different. Women educated. Speedy need for progress to align with modern world. If woman doesn't use education, should have better given it to someone who needed it more.

And I really don't get your whole war thing. What war? If not divorce, and not her sticking around complaisantly, what are you refering to?

Practical world-- Woman doesn't fight for her right? Man goes around doing whatever he likes? Don't expect too much from the weaker vessel? Maybe her ruined innocence can mean "give in" to other invasive, disrespectful, eyeing, indifferent lusty man but can't fight?
Of course, you need to give your shoulder to cry on and keep this "visually stimulated" housewife under the illusion that she has done something for herself.

Anyways, I'm done with the idiocy of this blog. So don't expect any other replies from me.