Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Status Quo

Things have been much better at home. They always are when the status quo is maintained and the position of the other party is not affected. Marriage is very much like a war. Like they say - Marriage is the only instance where you get to sleep with the enemy. I don't feel ranting more about this. This is perhaps the most 'public' I have ever been about my private life. The comments and some of the emails were very strong. I do not resent any sharp messages or comments. I know they were meant in good faith. I would only say that the situation in which i find myself is not an easy one and criticism to many comes very easily. Also, thanks to complete strangers who sent me such supportive messages - you guys are no more strangers to me.

Maybe now i will write about something else. I don't know, let's see...


Anonymous said...

Lol. I am sorry my comments were taken completely the wrong way.

One thing I have realized in my experience with people is that in trouble they often simply want pity and reassurance of what they have already decided to do and funny thing is it often comes i.e., if not reassurance, definitely sympathy.

Criticism comes easier to some? Well, I hate to have to give an interpretation of my intent but in times of weakness we find it difficult to stand up for ourselves as our ego lags but that is when you need someone else to buck you up even if that person needs the same in many situations his/herself. Or we need someone to hold up the mirror to our own mistakes or weaknesses.

In any case, when you post about your personal problems in something like an internet blog, you should be prepared for both sympathy and criticism. Of course, you don't want to remain blind to another whole viewpoint (i.e., criticism) by criticizing the criticism?

And so your stereotypical idea of war or marriage-war is to sleep with the enemy -- with not just a moody, insensitive husband but one who entirely disrespects you by simultaneously sleeping with another woman without your willful consent? Instead of setting an example for other women of your beloved country as a privileged woman (since you seem to come from a well-off family)?

In any case, what ever you do is up to you. But don't expect sympathy, the way you want it, from all. There is only one "right" decision here and only one "practical" decision. I choose to support and buck you up for the first.

And I swear this is my last comment. But you shouldn't stop blogging about your personal issues because of criticism if that is what it is :P

tango48 said...

@ amna - NO, keep writing

@ hw - hmmm, ok.

write about the rain, but that will not take away the pain!

write about the pain, which will not get washed away by the rain.

write of life, that will bring out the strife!

write about the world, and and see the miseries unfold.

but remember always smile - confuse the world as to why you are smiling?

do you know of desiderata, if not look this up on google, and read it, i am sure you will find it hasb e haal !

Aasim said...

Fuck the bastard, kick him in the balls and walk out

Aasim said...

This blog is too slow now, it is losing its momentum, we need to build some speed and momentum too.

Anonymous said...

More power to you. The power of resilience is sometimes far greater than the power to react. The enemy if I may say so is then on tenterhooks as to the next phase of battle. Its an abyss once you fall into an endless loop of depresssion and questioning one's self worth.
By the way I have dropped you an email as well

Aasim said...

hey you must write a blog about Shumaila Rana's Case, it will be an interesting topic

Anonymous said...

I really hope things get better...hope you are doing fine...
Take care of yourself
Jitender, jittu

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

I pray that life becomes easier... and may God shower his blessings on you! Ameen


Aasim said...

Where r u? Where is everyone?

Aasim said...

What is this? All r dead i guess?

Anonymous said...

I think Luscious has been killed by her feudal husband for being bold and insultive