Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Final Push

I have been away for sometime and was not able to update my blog for sometime. My apoligies for the absence and the many emails that i have received from everyone. I am in NWFP, will not name the town for now and i can tell you that th situation especially in the tribal agencies is war like. I can hear the Cobra helicopters circling above me as i write this.

Just wanted to let everyone know, that the Pak Army assault on S.Wazirstan commenced about 8 minutes back. I have a relative serving there so i hope that everything goes smoothly and our troops are protected from these killers and barbarians. These are very tough times for our nation compounded by some very inept leadership and multitude of enemies. Once can only hope and pray that Pakistan and Pakistanis show the historic resilience that they have always shown in their chaotic history. Even for a liberal like me, one thing is clear: US must get out of Afghanistan ASAP, otherwise their sheer presence will only continue to destabilize Pakistan. 

Will continue to write and update.


Sami Mughal said...

this is a brave blog and your updates will be very useful for such matters.. .

keep writing!

The Luscious one! said...

Thank you Mr. Sami. You are very gracious as usual.