Thursday, October 22, 2009

To be or not to be!

Me and R talk almost every other day, even if its for a few minutes over the phone. There is a bit of feigned shyness on my part and cajoling on his part to convince me of a meeting with him. I am caught up between my desire and reality. I know that what i am doing is risky and not easy. It is fraught with dangers but I have arrived at such a point in my life where i do not really care about consequences. I want the intimacy and I want the flesh on flesh sensation. I am eager and young and he shows me smoothly and at times a bit strongly how luscious and needy i am. The satisfaction is immense. There are hardly any words to describe that, if I try to explain I might end up getting slapped for adult writing. But please sure is pleasure. I am thrilled by the fact that R finds me so hot, keeping in mind that he has a very beautiful wife. I know it is selfish and wrong, especially to his young wife but the pleasures of the flesh are such.  Even if it is a sin, what a delicious sin it is! 

Anyways, I have still not made up my mind of meeting him on Friday. He wants at least a date. I will have to pick a restaurant and maybe tease him over and take things from over there. 

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Anonymous said...

There is something about the "Forbidden" that makes us men get excited - one of the prime reasons why men cheat on their women. Men like excitement which comes through venturing into that territory which is also satisfying to the women who get involved - inspite of the R and his beautiful wife what is more sexy to him would be the idea of another women who belongs to another man - nothing would be more provacative than that......