Saturday, October 24, 2009

Such is Life

Isn't it so ironic that the people that we love so much, such as our parents end up hurting us the most. Sometimes, I have no idea as to the kind of things my mother says or is capable of saying when she is in a bitter and angry mood. It is horrific and my mind just boggles and when she says these things to me. I just freak out with extreme anger and frustration. I just lose my cool, as they say. I feel guilty after my outburst but than I end up blaming her for the many wrongs in my life. Mother is such a disaster as a person - a failed marriage and a list of other disastrous relationships has left her even more angry. Maybe, I should be more careful in my interactions with her. I do lose my patience with her unnecessarily but than she can be very frustrating.

You love your parents and you are at their mercy since they are the ones who bring you into this world and their upbringing has a major impact on the kind of a person you end up to be. Being a parents is not an easy job at all, and you can never question a parent's sincerity to his or her child. I think somethings are just too subtle and unclear. Like most things in life, most of the important stuff happens without us ever being conscious of it. Therefore, the most important denominator in all of this becomes: your habits! Your habits are sort of the basic blueprint for your daily living. Habits are determined by many things but one of the chief ingredient has to be your conditioning as a child. Most of us are not very self aware and we end up teaching our kids things that we maybe would not want to pass on. But such is life and the beauty or rather the tragedy of human relationships.


Aasim said...

Last night my course mate landed with 7 bullet holes in his Cobra gunship helicopter, he is lucky to be alive
may Allah help us
good to see u back
abotabad must be nice, i was there last week too
keep in touch

aasim said...

Silence again?

Anonymous said...

What happenend to this blog?

Anonymous said...

Its still alive aand kicking!!!

Anonymous said...

Read your post on my blog and decided to visit...forgive her whatever it maybe...Mum are never easy even in times of ecstatic happiness :)

jalalHB said...

Life has never been easy - people succeed and fail. Those who fail become jitters but remain our relations. They need our love and care to get over with what they have been through. May be you are witnessing a similar episode. Don't you think you need to lend her a helping hand