Thursday, December 18, 2008


The work has been hectic. Obviously, because of the public and political nature of my work i cannot discuss the nitty gritty of it. When i joined this post at the behest of my husband i was very skeptical of it, but the last few months have not been that bad and i have actually enjoyed doing the work. One of the reasons is that i have been allowed to be my boss and i have not been dictated from above or at least not a lot. I have used our political contacts to work with the local and international NGOs and that has been very rewarding. Secondly, most of the people i am working with are young and energetic, including lots of younger women. They have fresh ideas, despite the fact that the top hierarchy of this party is still very much feudal in its outlook and mindset. Things are changing and they will change but it will take sometime.

I am an administrator at the local level. I am also responsible for the dealings with the media. They can be a pain in the butt but frankly our party has not been in the limelight mainly because we lost a lot of ground during the last election.

Personally, my politics is different in ideology from my current associations but something is better than nothing or for being a house wife - which i do enjoy. I am lazy by nature but restless as well. These two opposites of my personality are always clashing with each other and make me take instinctive and sudden decisions. I would like to brand myself as a someone with a analytical mind but the truth is that i very much succumb to my sudden urges. As you can see i also love to criticize myself as well. More on that later.


Steve said...

As I have told you before, my dear, You are not lazy, just uninspired. Your mind is keen and your instincts are superb; if ever something did come along to inspire you, nothing could stop you! Take care and God bless...

Your adoring fan,

Anonymous said...

We young folks are enthusiastic and have many ideas, but we also tend to be naive. We need a steady hand at the wheel, but we are great at rowing. So keep it up. Every little good deed improves the situation. If you could detail the kind of ideas being put in practice, that would be great. Good going.

The Luscious one! said...

Steve and Anonymous - I know that i need the inspiration but it cannot be generated. Somethings are just supposed to happen by themselves.

We are very naive about so many things but hopefully the steady hand will come through from somewhere.

Afaque said...

well we all have clashing personalities in ourselves
but the better thing is to get over the controversies inside us and try to be what we are... this is life

Mustafa said...

Do something meaningful with your life.

Ask yourself three questions. An unequivocal "yes" to each of the three will lead to your ideal vocation / calling in life:

1. Is this something you are deeply passionate about

2. Will it lead to the kind of monetary payoff that you would be comfortable with. Note: If you are independently wealthy than zero monetary payoff would be quite acceptable as a "yes"

3. Is this something you can do very very well.

When all three align, you will never ever need to be inspired.

If you make a lot of money doing things which you are clearly very good at, but if you do not find yourself passionate about, then you will never ever find continous inspiration for that calling. If you are passionate about something but not the very best at it, again, you will not succeed in that line beyond a certain threshold. Finally, if it cannot support your lifestyle and you have no other means of supporting yourself then sooner or later your passion will become subservient to economic concerns.