Monday, December 29, 2008

Political ramblings

Thing are brewing up politically and it seems like the battle for Punjab will begin in earnest in January between PML(N) and the PPP. It could be the good old 90s all over again. I hope that both sides will show better judgment here. The Punjab governor, Salman Taseer has made it a point to pick fights with the Sharif brothers. The governer has a personal score to settle with the Sharifs and ever since he became governor he has kept the PML (N) government on the back foot in Punjab. It is also not lost on the Sharifs that Taseer was close to Musharraf as well.

People in our party are pretty happy over the impending conflict between the two largest political parties in the countries. It suits them well. This is politics and no matter how dirty or mismanaged it gets, the system still needs to be allowed to work. It will take time and it will make people frustrated and angry but we have no choice. Unlike Arabs, we are a highly politicised society and as the previous experiment with the benevolent dictator shows even the person with the best intentions is only likely to exacerbate things. I would prefer Musharraf any day over a Zardri or a Shariff but in the end its not about individuals, but rather about a system. I hope this Zardari character will show the political maturity and sincerity that we badly need. I know how suspiciously people feel about Zardari but still one has to hope for the best.

By the way, some of you guys have been commenting on my boldness. I am shy in person but this blog is where i can be myself. Sometimes it it not easy to talk, I have never been the one to talk openly about things. But honestly writing over here and getting a feedback about it has been very good and healthy.


j-m.a said...

Fascinating stuff. I'm very interested in your viewpoint, I'd love to reciprocate links.

Abdul Sami said...

I am all for boldness... in fact your blog makes me want to get in touch with you... so i leave my email address here... smacula (at) gmail!

but yea... as far as boldness goes... this is what blogging is all about :)!

thanks for the comment and visitin my blog... i will keep visitin yours :) xxx

Asma said...

Democracy cannot survive in this country.

Danda Rox!

Anonymous said...

You even removed the 'Zamidar' series :'(

Princefino said...

Great stuff. If I had any power over our political system then I would have hung Sharif bro's and the top leadership of their parties, PPP and their top leadership (Apart from Amin Fahim), Same with MQM and the rest.
Then I would have brought someone from the grass root level to become the president and prime minister and then made a few bodies to check and balance them. And yeah I would have introduce a death sentence for any corruption. :-)
look at my view points

The Luscious one! said...

@j-m.a and Abdul Sami - Thanks for your feedback. Look forward to more of it from you guys...

@Asma - And how would you define 'danda rule'?

@Princefino - Good stuff at your blog. I especially liked the second entry

Asma said...

Interesting .. I'm glued to your blog =)

In pakistan's present state .. I'm personally not in favor of democracy .. well there's none even now buts till ..!