Friday, December 12, 2008

LeT - The enemy within

Its good to see the government closing the offices of the hate mongering terrorist, the LeT (Lashkar -e- Tayyaba). Although, I am still not sure whether they are ones behind the attacks in Mumbai, but anybody who has read their literature would deem them to be terrorists.Their vision of the world is based on a dark vision which has nothing to do with Islam but rather on using a great religion for their own political motives.

LeT is another Jihad factory spawned by the security establishment to carry out its vested interests. Somebody has to put the lid on these people and their various 'strategic designs' and 'strategic depths'. These same people have flawed concepts which don't put Pakistan first but rather cater to an obscure Pan Islamist agenda. This agenda and their proponents with their ill-kept beards and hate spewing ideology are part of the same breed which was against the foundation of the modern state of Pakistan. This included such stalwarts of the clergy such as Allama Maudaudi - the founder of Jamaat e Islami, Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad amongst many others. They fought tooth and nail against Mohammed Ali Jinnah and the creation of Pakistan. They should have been dumped at the time of the partition in India, but instead they hijacked the newly created state and started imposing their ideology.

Now that the government is cracking down on LeT. what will prevent them from lashing back on the state? We can have more mess and suicide bombings within the heartland of Punjab and it will very well go the way the NWFP has gone. This mess needs to be sorted by making some very difficult decisions and providing a vision for the nation. A vision which is based on economic prosperity and not on ill founded security needs. But for all of this we need leadership. Zardari has to realize that Bhutto's fall from grace began with his flirtation of the Mullah. Bhutto, the so- called secular leader was the first one to give the mullahs the political space in the main stream politics. Zardari should and must undo that, otherwise the danger within will only exacerbate!


Da Eternal Rebel said...

I do not know what you know about Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad, but it seems you need to know a lot about him. And if we have to comment about people whose contribution to the nation/ society is much more than ourselves then better be careful on what we say.

The Luscious one! said...

I know this much that he was part of the same brand of clergy which was against the creation of a modern Muslim state. He was not the only Mullah of subcontinent to do so - actually most of them were against the creation of Pakistan which just reinforces the point i made in the post.

Da Eternal Rebel said...

He was against the creation of Pakistan because he foresaw what Pakistan will come to become in future- an almost failed state.

Anonymous said...

Mullahs and their henchmen, who have now become the self-declared saviour of Pakistan and its fanciful ideology, had vehemently opposed to the creation of Pakistan. Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind, Majlis-e- Ahrar- e-Islam and Jamat-e-Islami, all these Mullah parties were very active in those days. They opposed the idea of a seperate muslim state because they considered it against the isalmic concept of muslim brotherhood but at the same time they sided with the Congres and supported its Indian nationalism.

Abu Al-Kalam Azad noted as one of the key ‘Maulanas’ of his time and among the top leaders of Congress who later became the education minister of a ‘secular’ India, was one time great supporter of then Pan-Islamism (followers of which in modern terms are called Islamists). Throughout the WW-I he supported the idea of Muslims as a Global Community and stressed on explicit Jihad against the British (the infidels). He was forefront in the Higrat movement (part of encouraging Muslims to fight against the British by migrating to Afghanistan) and also a staunch supporter of Khlifa’at movement. Hence, we don't need history lessons from someone who could not even stand up for the Muslims and wanted them to be cannon fodder for their failed ideas. AK Azad would have been no different that the radicals of today had he been alive today.

Hashan Hazarika said...

Salam, Nice post..appreciated ur thoughts... have added u in my blogroll!