Friday, December 19, 2008

Not going

There is supposed to be a social event/party planned and i just don't feel like going. I know its important to go there and my husband would be insisting that i be there with him for all the political mileage that can be attained by going to such events. I just don't feel like it, i never feel comfortable with too many people around.

I have never told this to anyone but at times i feel this social anxiety, the need to be away from people. They just overwhelm me. I have a excuse ready and i am going to use it.I don't have to feel miserable doing what i don't want to, simple as that!  So i am making the right decision and i will standby it!


knicq said...

Social events, Mixers, Networking dinners, call them what you may... they are all such unbearable torture. Everything is fake, and everyone is looking to gain something.

Any time I can escape them, I do; and I am a sales guy by profession. I get paid to be there and act the part.

Best of Luck to you.

Welcome to Blogistan. Do keep writing.

Da Eternal Rebel said...

Happens, am too very very uncomfortable with parties and social gatherings, feel so out of place there, so many strange faces , so many cosmetic smiles and gestures .. feels awkward

Mustafa said...

I love parties and the opportunity to netowrk and flirt !!

The Luscious one! said...

People reading and giving a feedback is a source of inspiration, and so i do plan to write on..

Btw, it was good that i did not go to the party since i was not feeling well.