Thursday, December 11, 2008

Zamindar update

I am working on next installment of the Zamindar story, though it is still in works. I have to keep certain limitations in mind in regards to the language used, as people have already commented on how 'pornish' and rather 'vulgar' my blog is beginning to look. But frankly, my intention never was to write for someone else. This blog is a mode of expression for me and it will continue to be so. I am sure there are others who enjoy the free expression with the rather flamboyant language, even if it is bordering on 'vulgarity'.


Karan said...

Write as you like! Its the best that way. You can always go in and edit it afterwards if you don't like it.

Imran said...

do whatever you want.

The Luscious one! said...


This is the plan.

Steve said...

Hey, I checked out your blog, and I don't know, some stuff seems... inapropiate for me. Although, I do like your style. Thanks for viewing my blog!

Delving said...

Yeah, same comment as Steve. Nice way of writing, and writing should be an own way of expression. But it is a bit inappropriate for me too. Sorry.. Thanks for viewing my blog too =)

Ghazala Khan said...

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Mustafa said...

I absolutely loved the Zamindar series. Please don't tone it down even one notch. It is perfect the way it currently is.

Steve said...

I would tell you to write what is in your deepest desire here, but I know you well enough to know that these words are not needed. You are a strong willed woman and will not be thwarted. Here, you are allowed to express yourself, and all those hidden desires that you are foced to hide from the real wold because of societies comfort zones. Write on, Oh Luscious one. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some passionate and steemiy reading to catch up on.