Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Israeli assault

So here we go again as Israel bombs the hell out of a giant prison masquerading as a city called Gaza. No country in the world, not even the mighty USA can get away with the kind of outrageous oppression and state terrorism that Israel inflicts on the Arab cities and population areas. Where else do you see Jet fighters bombing and razing city blocs from Beirut to Gaza. All of this is possible because of the unstinting support of the Americans and to a lesser degree from the Europeans.

I tend to hold sympathetic views for the Jews in particularly especially taking into account their massacre for centuries by the Christan west. But this is sort of behavior makes me mad. Now imagine, how would people living in Gaza would be feeling and than it is asked, 'why do they hate us'. They hate them and their supporters because of their double standards and hypocrisy. The western media is full of justification for this kind of barbaric act. In the end, what really counts is the might.

I believe that there can be no peace in that region unless either the Americans become balanced in their approach to this conflict or Israel is weakened. This is asymmetrical ware fare. You have a first world country literally imported from the western hemisphere and imposed upon the hapless Arabs who are nothing but a third rate nation. The balance of power between the Israelis and the Arabs needs to brought at par and only than would the Israelis have any kind of an incentive to seek some kind of a real peace. In the meantime they will pick and choose their targets at will and the Palestinians will continue to be their victims. Read Tariq ali's analysis of the situation.

Palestine is a horrible example for other nations. An example of what weakness can lead to: sheer humiliation and destruction.


RulzZ said...

I read all

knicq said...

Hai jurm-e-zaifi kee saza marg-e-mafajat.

The only way out is restoring the balance of power.

Karmasura said...

The Jews have suffered a lot.. not only from Christianity.. but also from Islam. Your nation's leaders too have the urge to shout at the top of their lungs that their missiles can reach Israel. This could only lead to the Jews going paranoid, and more such events happening.

This is their time out in the sun!!

OTOH, while it is utterly necessary to do anything in the defense of their tiny country.. I just wish they do their stuff with a bit of precision.

Karmasura said...

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Karmasura said...

And 'midleast' is spelled wrongly. Plz correct.

Karan said...

There is a simple way of stopping the Israeli bombing of Gaza. Get Hamas to stop lobbing rockets at Israel. Why do you expect Israel to grin and bear it, when Hamas keeps shooting rockets at them. If tere are civilian casualties, it is because the cowardly terrorists hide in civilian areas. Let this be a lesson for Pakistan. You cannot keep supporting terrorists like LeT and expect India to keep quite.

mustafa said...

Israel is about to make the same mistake with Gaza that it did in Lebanon in 2006.

Military might cannot crush popular resistance movements.

The powerful determine what is legal and permissible. When the weak resist, their wfforts are deemed illegal.

The powerful make the rules and use legality to preserve the status quo.

Afaque said...

I just dont get it why this all is happening... Where are the world powers now??? somebody ask them... not even a single state has condemn it properly...

RulzZ said...

Daanish said...

This is a sad reality of our times,human lives are cheaper than stock market.NO BAIL OUT FOR HUMAN LIVES :(

The Luscious one! said...

@kamrasura - I think you need to get history lessons regarding historical relationships between Muslims and the Jews. Whenever the Christians persecuted the Jews, it was Muslims who gave them shelter. Jews thrived along with Christians in the Muslim Spain.

Midleast can be spelled different ways. I do run the spell checker before posting, just to let you know ;) Btw, did u like the way i formatted the hyper link?

@Karan- Why do you Indians are obsessed with Pakistan. We are having a good discussion about the situation in Israel and once more you have mixed up the topics. The bottom line is Indian can't do a thing to Pakistan as the current events show yet again. Huff and puff they might, but unfortunately the Indian leadership is well aware of Pakistan's capabilities. Therefore, let's just stick to the topic for now, shall we?

@Danish - Muslim lives are cheap because we ourselves made a mockery of ourselves.

Karmasura said...

Perhaps you have not read the story about Jewish eviction from Sana in Yemen. Refer the story of African Jewry over Google or something. There are some more stories of Jewish persecution dating right till the oldest possible times of Islam, but I will not go into those out of respect for your belief systems.

And yes I agree the Moors of Zaragoza might have been an ideal example of Muslim behavior, but why don't you talk about the recent Anti Semite rhetoric in the middle-east and even in Pakistan? Zaid Hamid's brasstacks would be a good beginner if you don't know about this.

Regarding the hyperlinked parts.. I was referring to something similar you did to the phrase 'Tariq Ali' in this post. But I can read the whole link now and it should suffice.

Da Eternal Rebel said...

I hope HAMAS realizes that any rocket from it will lead to 10 missiles from Israel, and will start acting in such a foolhardy manner. I hope HAMAS does it if it cares for Palestinian civilians.

Steve said...

What was done to the Jewish people during World War II was an abomination. Yet they now assume the same mantle of tyrant just as the Nazis once did. After World War II, the Palestinian people were the only people to lose their sovereignty. Germany and Japan were both rebuilt by the United States, and both are now powerful nations that enjoy the benefits of trade with the U.S. as well as other economic nations.
Yet the Palestinians do not share in this new prosperity. They are kept as a permanent underclass with little hope of ever reaching for more. If one of them becomes frustrated with their plight and hurls a rock at an Israeli, they are shot. If they take up arms to fight back, they are labeled a terrorist and their home is assaulted and their family risks being killed as well. If their neighbors step up in their defense, entire neighborhoods are leveled in a rocket barrage.
How does this injustice continue? Because of the backing of the United States. One might wonder how a county like the United States would sit idly by and allow such an injustice to continue, but it is unfortunately, the President of the United States is an elected position. There just happens to be many people of the Jewish faith within its boundaries, particularly New York, and other metropolitan areas with large population centers. It would be very difficult to earn enough electoral votes to become President of the United States without the Jewish vote. It would be political suicide in the United States to speak out openly against Israel, regardless of the circumstance.
As an American citizen, I have nothing against the Israelis, but neither do I have anything against the Palestinian people. By Israel’s own actions, I am reminded of those of the Roman Empire. If a person of a conquered nation raised their hand against a Roman citizen, legions of Roman Soldiers would decimate the population of that country to break the spirit its people and completely drive the thought of resistance from their collective mind.

Merchant of Emotions.. "I don't sell, I barter" said...

@kamrasura ------ “I feel pity on those who don’t know what they are talking about and yet proclaim they are right”.
This is not Islam against Jews or Jews against Islam its battle for land. Land which is so important that nations fight for then for decades without any gain but all losses.
Hitler did not kill only Jews. And by the way Hitler was not Muslim (if you guys don’t know, he was Catholic). He killed Jews (some say 9 Million some say 6 or even 8) and others (about 5 Million including Christians, and other religions) them because of financial reasons.
My friends let us talk about what is Israel? Palestine was a Muslim ruled area, ruled by Ottoman Empire till the 20th Century. Actually let me go back in 12th Century when Catholics started persecuting Jews (yes friends Catholics did that too) they fled from the Europe and ran to Muslims for Rescue (isn’t it strange) and the poor Palestinians who never knew what’s coming accepted them and gave them shelter. So the Jews started coming to the area and since their religious activities were more in the Jerusalem area so they settled in that area. Community was growing big and big and it was kind of becoming china towns or Little India or Cuban Caves because of the concentration. Then in 1933 Hitler came to power. Hitler is known to be Jew executor; he was an executor but not Jews only he was human executor. He was his country’s resource/wealth protector which he should have been. Another note here Hitler was also against Roman Catholics and had plans to eliminate them as well. I know it’s getting too long so bottom line is Jews needed shelters, Palestinians gave them shelter then Jews asked for more land and country and all that and kept taking it by force and you all know just don’t accept it.
All you internet surfers go to Wikipedia (which is not a Muslim source of information) search three items “Israel” “Palestine” and “Hitler”. You will find the secret.
I don’t give a damn what Israel did was right or wrong or what Palestinians are doing I just want my fellow comment posters to be more aware and educated before posting a comment and humiliating themselves.
And by the way this spelling correction etc is a high school game, we are all grown up here ... I hope.

The Luscious one! said...

I just want to say here that at the end of the day. The issue of Palestine is neither a political nor a religious issue but instead a humanitarian issue. I think its a great human tragedy the way the victims of the Holocaust ended up unleashing such injustice and cruelty to helpless people.

@Karmasura - And just for record i consider war mongers like Zaid Hamid nihilistic who don't even deserve any kind of an air time. Its because of these people that Muslims are suffering. I hope they feed him to the Taliban.

Karmasura said...

@ Luscious.. point taken.. and thanks for letting me know that you disagree with Zaid Hamid.

@ merchant of emotions: My point was just that Islam too doesn't have its hands clean. OTOH, I do agree with your point that Israel should have been a bit more precise in its strikes against Hamas and not cause so much of damage. And I also agree that the Moors of Zaragoza (Cordova?) in Spain were just and pluralist.

So what's the fuss about? And doesn't Israel have any right on that land? Any?? Why does it have to go into the sea? Hasn't Israel already conceded some territory to Palestine? Shouldn't that be the end of it all?

A second thing that complicates matters here is the belligerence of other nations to interfere in the matters of other localities.

Why is Iran helping Hamas and Hezbollah? Shouldn't the right for Palestinian land be fought by the Palestinian people? Why are so many people involved?

Mustafa said...


You ask why is Iran helping Hamas?

Let me respond by posing a rhetorical question to you. If someone is raping you, should other people be bystanders or try to help you?

Israel and its supporters are raping the Palestinins.