Monday, December 8, 2008

Peshawar on the brink

Peshawar is well on its way to becoming another Kabul. The reach of the Taliban is very well within Peshawar. Journalists used to go to the tribal badlands to get the news stories about Taliban. Now they can get it int he provincial capital, Peshawar. The kidnappings and killings have become a routine part of the city. ANP, the provincial government is fast losing support. Already, checkpoints resembling the green zone in Baghdad have been setup. YES, it has become this bad!

I am sorry but i refuse to believe that this is being done without some sort of a tacit support from the ISI or 'rogue' elements within it. I think it is very clear by now that the Gennie is well outside the box. The army high command is in this fight against terrorism with all its wits, yet it has not been successful because clearly the intelligence is not there. Pakistan has lost the most and is in danger of losing more unless this is contained. India has never had the guts to cross the international border, rather its the religious fanatics part of the Jihad factories created by the Military establishment with the consent of the Americans that is a existential threat to Pakistan. Clearly, the danger lies on our western border as opposed to the east front.

The solution lies in the departure of the Americans from the region which will definitely help. Secondly, one agency which can tackle this spreading cancerous is the ISI - the very agency responsible for the creation of this  Frankenstein monster.

OTHERWISE - the establishment should know that these people have the power and the capacity to cross the Indus and march onto Islamabad itself!


Mustafa said...

The Taleban, fced with increasing military action from the Pak Army have opened up Peshawar as a front. It is, from their unholy perspective, an excellent strategic move.

But it is not all doom and gloom. Pakistan's army is on the offensive, pushing into the tribal agencies of Bajaur and now Mohmand.

Battered the Taleban may be, but they are retaliating. They are being forced further inland, resulting in the conflict ballooning and spreading to new areas including Peshawar.

As for the Taleban's tactics, they would like to destabilise Peshawar so they can put pressure on the government to get concessions in the tribal areas.

Their agenda is to cause problems for the government to check its commitment and resolve in the war against terror.

The war will probably spread beyond Peshawar.

Just as Nato has found in Afghanistan, the Pakistani security forces are now discovering too that the Taleban is a foe that is hard to corner, even harder to defeat.

"And they want to open up more fronts for us to dilute the effect of the law enforcement agencies.

The Luscious one! said...

Thanks for your reply Mustafa.

Noor Ali said...

Ergh! I'd like to but.. How?

Karan said...

"India has never had the guts to cross the border". Have you forgotten the 1965 war, when the Indian army was on the outskirts of Lahore in response to Pakistani shennanigans in Kashmir. You agree that the ISI is responsible for traning the terrorists, but you are skeptical that the Bombay attackers could be Pakistani. I hope out of all this India and Pakistan can find a way to co-exist and prosper together,

Mustafa said...

India and Pakistan are now in different leagues. The former is a regional economic and military superpower while the latter is pretty much a failed state.

It would behoove Pakistan to bury the cudgel and join India in a common market with a common currency and free unhindered transfer of people and goods including employment. Pakistan will benefit much more than India and it will become part of an entity that will give the EU a run for the money.

Karmasura said...

Hmm.. can't help but have to express my feelings of schadenfreude over here..

Hope you get over this fetish with Islamism and 'bleeding India by a thousand cuts' thing and join India in a crusade with the ultimate enemy.. the white man.